How to Pitch Brand Deals

Influencer work is not as easy as some may think. A lot that goes into it including: photography, styling, caption writing, editing etc. Therefore we deserve to be adequately compensated.

When you first begin as an influencer than most collaborations are in kind aka product exchanges only. This is beneficial as it helps to build your portfolio. However; as with any profession the more you gain experience than the more you can negotiate your worth. Therefore; I have compiled a list of tips to pitch/negotiate brand deals:

1. Be prepared- when you start pitching and responding to brands, they are going to ask for your insights and past work. Are you ready for that? Also having a media kit is essential! It’s like a resume for your influence experience *see example below*

2. Do your research- one to ensure this brand is one that aligns with your own brand/values and two to show how much you really take your collaborations seriously

3. Write your pitch- be sure it has the following: a professional greeting, how YOU benefit the brand and why you want to work with them. *see example of pitch email below*

4. Negotiate- always fun right? But again with all the work that goes into the content creation aspect; it is important to be compensated. Kindly ask if there is a budget for the campaign and if so ensure that it’s an amount that satisfies both parties.

All in all make sure that you know your worth. You’re the main representative for your own brand so you have to stick up for yourself because otherwise who will?

Happy pitching 😀

Summer Activities for Kids

Raise your hand if you ever been personally victimized by your kids’ summer boredom.

This is the time of year that kids look forward to until they realize how much free time they now have on their hand with school being out

*cue Mom (or Dad) I’m boredddd anthem*

Thankfully there are a variety of kid-friendly summer activities that can help with this. See below for a list of suggestions:

This one is a no brainer- going to the beach! Summer days are perfect for this type of outing and even better it typically drains kid energy ha

Beach Days are the best!

If you dont have a beach nearby or dont have much time then I highly suggest getting a real (or inflatable) pool. Children can have fun in these for hours without you even having to leave the house!

Summer fun for kids (and pets)

If sand is one of the things your little one loves most about the beach but you’d rather stay in, then check out girlzone sand: ( on Amazon for only $24.99. My daughter loves this set and even better it’s so much easier to clean than real sand!

Get outdoors-

Take a walk, head to a park, or even hang out in your yard so not only the kids are getting fresh air but you are as well!

Shenandoah Valley

Keep them learning-

Even though school is out it doesn’t mean that learning has stopped. Try taking the kiddies to the library, museums…etc so that their mind is still alert because eventually summer will be over and it’s back to school they go 😉

How to get the best Amazon deals

A lot of people have told me they aren’t able to have much luck on Amazon and wonder how I do. So I wanted to drop a few tips on getting the best deals:

1. Prime with a Partner- if you shop as much as I do then it’s definitely worth having a prime membership for free 2-day shipping and other perks that come along with it. But if there are more than one adult in your household you can share the cost of just ONE membership. There are also great deals for students too!

2. Filter, filter and FILTER- Filtering is one of my best friends on Amazon. I make sure to do so with the items I search for, heavy on the filter from lowest to high prices for me. Also adding ‘sales’ and/or clearance after whatever I’m looking for has been a great way for me to find savings.

3. Check out their online Amazon Warehouse Deals site and Amazon Outlet store for amazing deals also!

Scored this cute PJ set for only $9.99 on Amazon!

Buying a house in a pandemic

Spring is typically the start of home-buying season. We actually began looking for our first home around this time last year. However, with the world still being in the midst of a pandemic it looked a little different than the traditional way most look for houses.  

Long gone are the days of showing up unannounced to an open house. The new normal is scheduling appointments for in-person visits. Some people have are even conducting walkthroughs via Facetime and/or Zoom. However, our family decided it was best to view properties in person but of course we took extreme precaution while doing so. It was a little overwhelming for us going through the homeowner process for the first time but if we could make it through during these times them so can you!
Here are some tips that I highly suggest for those who would like to purchase a home soon: 

  1. Be prepared for lender requirements- The first step is making sure you have all your paperwork (pay stubs, tax documents, bank statements, debt info etc) to ensure you have what you need for a preapproval letter*. Also, if it’s your first time buying then ask about different programs they offer for this. Here in Va we qualified for a first time buyer’s loan that allowed us to close with $0 down.
  2. Try not to overspend- once you are preapproved and know exactly what you can afford; make a budget and stick to it. Try to make your mortgage payment as low as you can so your family isn’t “house poor” or unable to do much with finances outside of paying for your home.
  3. Decide which specific features you want your ideal home to have- it’s okay to be flexible some with this list. But you’re making probably the biggest purchase of your life (no pressure ha). So you deserve to have your needs AND wants as closely as possible.
  4. Enjoy the process- yes it can be stressful but try to focus on the biggest positive which is you’ll soon own your own house!

Hopefully the tips above can help ease some of your worries and I wish you best of luck on your search!*Preapproval letter- a document from a lender stating that the lender is tentatively willing to lend to you, up to a certain loan amount

Influencer- One Year Anniversary!

It’s been a whole year since I started this influencer journey from scratch and I would like to say…“I want to thank me for believing in me, I want to thank me for doing all this hard work…”

Hahaha seriously though; I want to thank God for guiding me through it all and YOU! Your support is unmatched and I’m so thankful for everyone who consistently shows up for me. You encourage me so much more than you many know.On days when I may feel unsure of myself or not up to posting; my audience helps motivate me to continue. So thanks again for all that you do; it doesn’t go unnoticed. I’m excited to grow even more with you and I look forward to even more blessings to come for us all!

For those who may be curious on how to begin influencing; here are some tips for you:

  1. Find your “why”- Ask if this is something you’re passionate about and why you’d like to start this journey.
  2. Understand Your Audience- once you get to know them; you’ll be able to deliver more efficient content. Getting to know your base is so important.
  3. Post Quality Content- this one of the most important factors for growth. Quality over quantity.
  4. Be Consistent- show up! It’s so important to post as much as you can to show your dedication to your brand.
One year influencerversary!

Allow me to Introduce Myself:

Hi! I’m Jamika; a married mother and lifestyle influencer/blogger. I love Jesus, my family and fashion. Currently I reside in Virginia not too far from the DC region. I started this journey to inspire and encourage other millennial wives/moms to believe the best for themselves.

My blog will focus on my faith, my family, fashion and. I would love to connect with women with similar lifestyles.

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